The Leader’s Mindset Series 1

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Designed and inspired by the latest research, theories and leadership thinking, this Series provides the knowledge for aspiring leaders to take the next step on their career journey.

This course is made up of five modules and includes 20 hours of study. It is an accredited course with students receiving 20 CPD hours upon completion.

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Once you complete a module, please tick the box provided, and it will be closed. You will then receive a Final Evaluation Survey. On completion of the Survey, you will be awarded your CPD hours and certificate. If you are enrolled in the full course (5 modules), you will receive a Final Evaluation Survey at the completion of all modules.

Foundation Course
- 4 hours

Provides an understanding of leadership and effective communication across all contexts. Drawing on insights from psychology and behavioural economics, this framework outlines key concepts which underpin essential capabilities and highlights the habits of leadership that are the bedrocks of performance.

Communications Masterclass
- 4 hours

Provides an understanding of effective communication, incorporating communication tools and frameworks to strengthen engagement with colleagues and stakeholders. The course distils the best of behavioural psychology, behavioural science, and neuropsychology into an actionable and effective toolkit.

Engagement Masterclass
- 4 hours

Cover the key elements of interpersonal communication and best practice. It is a synthesis of the lessons from world class facilitators and presenters. Within this Masterclass, you will learn strategies and tactics to get the best out of every presentation you deliver or group interaction you have.

Smart Decision System Masterclass
- 4 hours

Provides understanding of what constitutes a smart decision across all contexts. Strategic in nature and relying on expert communication and engagement, this Masterclass provides a framework to equip you with the capability to guide your staff into making better decisions.

Strategic Problem-Solving Masterclass
- 4 hours

Provides a clear framework for facing any challenges encountered. Reframing the thinking and lens of both you and your stakeholders, this masterclass draws on history’s greatest strategists to open opportunities you may not have considered.