Defining your Style Series

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This course is designed to empower nurse and health leaders to project the best version of themselves with a personal brand that is confident, influential and authentic. This course is designed to give you the practical tools you need to approach your wardrobe.

This course is made up of six modules and includes 2.5 hours of study. The Defining your Style Series is not a CPD earning course.

Find out more about the full course on the Defining your Style Series.

Once you complete a module, please tick the box provided and it will be closed. You will then receive a Final Evaluation Survey. On completion of the Survey, you will be awarded your certificate. If you are enrolled in the full course (6 modules), you will receive a Final Evaluation Survey at the completion of all modules.

Defining your Style
- 20 minutes

Learn how to discover and project the best version of you, with a distinctive personal brand. This video will give you the tools on where to start, working with what you already have and why it’s important to find your style.

In this module, you’ll hear from esteemed leader Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward, FACN and CEO of the Australian College of Nursing as she talks with Robin about how to find your style and be confident.

Style Strategies
- 25 minutes

Learn where you can start in creating your style for every season, how to dress for your body type, find colours that work for you, how to build a capsule wardrobe and the rule of three. Feel empowered to shop, strategise and plan your wardrobe.

How to Hold your Power
- 15 minutes

This module provides insights into holding power in any situation, by knowing how to dress with flair and confidence. Find out how success can come from within, why dressing for the job you want is important and the art of illusion.

Grooming Evolution
- 15 minutes

This module provides a closer look at grooming, self-care and the evolution of your personal style. Learn how to project a polished, professional and authentic you, and where to begin.

Styling for Male Nurses
- 20 minutes

This module provides a closer look at how male nurses and health professionals can build their sense of style, feel more confident, influential and successful. This module covers styling and grooming to create a personal style for men.

Styling Female Nurses – Real Life Case Studies
- 45 minutes

Take a closer look at how to style yourself, as Robin discusses the style and wardrobe needs of three esteemed nurse leaders. This module draws on the learnings throughout the Defining your Style Series.