Defining your Style Series

How to go from wearing scrubs to wearing business attire is not something we talk about enough in nursing. Until now.

This course is designed to empower nurses to project the best version of themselves with a personal brand that is confident, influential and authentic. The ability to influence is a powerful tool and is based on self-awareness and a memorable first impression.

Defining your Style Series is about giving individuals the options and knowledge to develop a well-rounded and functional wardrobe that works for you. These videos will provide insights into how to be confident and professional in any situation.

Everybody is different; we all have unique colouring, body shapes, styles and personalities that we wish to work with and express. This course is designed to give you the practical tools to approach your wardrobe, so it works for your professional life.

Hosted by Robin Powis, Executive Stylist who has years of experience as an image consultant and has a background in strategic planning and change management. She will provide advice and guidance to help health leaders find their professional image for the workplace.

The skills in these videos will help viewers to:

  • Project a powerful presence through image and personal style
  • Increase skills to develop a capsule wardrobe
  • Build a set of outfits for various occasions that are easy to draw from so that dressing is simple and not stressful
  • Increase your confidence to add items each season, as your budget and time allows
  • Learn about taking time for you and creating a personal brand

Plus, see three real life nurse leaders as they are styled by Robin on what works, and what doesn’t.

Defining your Style Series covers the following modules:

  1. Defining your Style
  2. Style Strategies
  3. How to Hold your Power
  4. Grooming Evolution
  5. Styling for Male Nurses
  6. Styling Female Nurses – Real Life Case Studies

These six modules provide rich, engaging and thought-provoking content; we know this will be a great investment of your time and resources. See the module descriptions for more information.

Cost: Full course (6 modules) = $360 + GST OR Each Module is = $79 + GST

Time limit: 12 months to complete the course

Total length of the course (5 modules) is approximately 2.5 hours.

This course does not count towards your continuing professional development requirements, and you will not be awarded CPD point, however it will empower your presence and leadership skills.

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Defining your Style Series

Defining your Style Series