The Leader’s Mindset Series 2

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Designed and inspired by the latest research, theories and leadership thinking, this Series provides the knowledge for aspiring leaders to take the next step on their career journey.

This course is made up of five modules and includes 30 hours of study. It is an accredited course with students receiving 30 CPD hours upon completion of the full course.

Find out more about the full course on The Leader’s Mindset Series 2.

Once you complete a module, please tick the box provided, and it will be closed. You will then receive a Final Evaluation Survey. On completion of the Survey, you will be awarded your CPD hours and certificate. If you are enrolled in the full course (5 modules), you will receive a Final Evaluation Survey at the completion of all modules.

Customer Centricity
- 4 hours

Being a customer-centric organisation is more than just offering customer service and putting the customer first. It also means designing products and services that meet customer needs and create a seamless experience across all service delivery.

High Performance Teams
- 4 hours

Leading and being part of a high performance team means empowering and supporting team members. It is also about unlocking discretionary effort that leads to positive customer outcomes.

Next Horizon Thinking
- 8 hours

Next Horizon Thinking means looking to the future and reimagining value. This module explores leadership and an organisation’s ability to see what is going on and respond in meaningful ways.

Sustaining Change
- 8 hours

Sustaining Change starts with being conscious of what you are focused on and who you are being about it. To consciously identify the habits that serve versus the habits you would like to break.

Coaching Mastery
- 6 hours

Coaching Mastery aims to develop Nurse Leaders beyond clinical and technical competence. It is about embracing the value of coaching and how you can help develop yourself and others as you progress in your career.