Smart Decision System Masterclass

The Leader's Mindset Series 1 (Module)

The Smart Decision System Masterclass provides foundational understanding of what constitutes a smart decision across all contexts. Strategic in nature and relying on expert communication and engagement, this Masterclass is key to the Series.

The Smart Decision System Masterclass provides a framework to equip you as a Nurse Leader with the capability to guide your staff into making better decisions. This system can be applied to all decision making, both personal and professional.

The framework develops an awareness of inherent risks associated with choices and decisions and highlights the biases and assumptions that obstruct effective decision making, and the correct use of coaching tools.

On completion of the masterclass, you will:

  1. Understand your decision-making style and identify key areas for improvement and growth
  2. Understand your individual staff’s decision-making styles. Apply that understanding to guide their thinking
  3. Develop a framework through which you can coach an individual to a better decision
  4. Be capable of isolating decision risk from outcomes

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

CPD: 4 CPD hours

Cost: $200 + GST (ACN Members receive 10% off)

Smart Decision System Masterclass

Smart Decision System Masterclass
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