The Leader’s Mindset Series 1

The Leader’s Mindset Series 1  has been designed and inspired by the latest global research, theories and thinking in leadership.

This online content specifically tailored to Nurse Leaders is designed to ignite leadership skills, provide practical modules of practice and hone leadership capabilities, giving Nurse Leaders the tools and knowledge to empower them personally and professionally.

The Leader’s Mindset Series 1  combines five powerful masterclasses to create an integrated and transformational learning experience. 

  1. The Leader’s Mindset, is the foundation course which provides participants the understanding of leadership and effective communication across all contexts
  2. The Communications Masterclass, distils the best of behavioural psychology, behavioural science, and neuropsychology into an actionable and effective toolkit
  3. The Engagement Masterclass, covers the key elements of interpersonal communication and best practice, from preparation, to mindset and delivery
  4. The Smart Decision System Masterclass covers the understanding of what constitutes a smart decision across all contexts
  5. The Strategic Problem-Solving Masterclass provides a clear structure for reframing the thinking and lens of both you and your stakeholders

These five masterclasses are four hours in length each and provide rich, engaging and thought-provoking content; we know this will be a great investment of your time and resources. 

The series can be purchased as a package for $1000 + GST or individually at $200 + GST per masterclass.

The course content is self-directed, online and needs to be completed within six months. However, we recommend doing the course in a more concentrated tempo and completing it within six weeks to eight weeks.

Upon completion of The Leader’s Mindset Series 1, you will be granted 20 CPD hours and receive a certificate of completion.

Cost: $1,000 + GST for members

Amount of study per Masterclass: Four hours

Time limit: 6 months to complete the course

What are you waiting for? Sign up for The Leader’s Mindset Series 1 today to get equipped with all the tools to be a powerful leader, speaker and professional.

The Leader's Mindset Series 1

The Leader's Mindset Series 1
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