The Australian College of Nursing wants to reward you for being a member. New scholarships now available!



The Australian College of Nursing, through its Institute of Leadership, is gifting members $360,000 in scholarships as a thank you to those who have been a member for more than one year.

There are 500 scholarships on offer for members who have been a member for at least 12-months leading up to 1 October 2021.

Each scholarship will cover the two new courses available through the Institute of Leadership: The Leader’s Communication Tool Kit Series and Defining your Style Series. Both courses are hosted by professionals highly experienced in their fields and consist of six videos which are online, and through which you can self-direct your own learning.

The Leader’s Communication Tool Kit Series

The Leader’s Communication Tool Kit Series covers public speaking and media relations, managing stakeholders and what to do in a crisis. Throughout this course, you’ll receive the tools and knowledge needed to take on the leader’s responsibility of internal and external communications. Find out more about the course here.

Defining your Style Series

The Defining your Style Series is designed to empower nurses to project the best version of themselves with a personal brand that is confident, influential and authentic. Throughout this course you’ll receive tips and knowledge to develop a well-rounded and functional wardrobe that works for you. Find out more about the course here.

Successful applicants will have six months to complete the two courses and be asked to complete a short evaluation survey at the conclusion.


Did you know ...

The Australian College of Nursing gave away $1,000,000 in scholarships to members in 2020.




The Australian College of Nursing through its Institute of Leadership gifted members $1,000,000 in scholarships in 2020, in a show of appreciation and acknowledgement of the work nurses have done for all Australians.

There are now 1,000 Australian College of Nursing members who are working their way through The Leader’s Mindset Masterclass Series.

At the moment, there are no scholarships available. However, please pop back regularly to keep up to date with scholarship developments.

The Leader’s Mindset Masterclass Series - which includes five masterclasses - has been specifically tailored to Nurse Leaders and is designed to ignite leadership skills, provide practical modules of practice and hone leadership capabilities. It gives Nurse Leaders the practical tools and knowledge to empower them personally and professionally. Find out more about the course.

On completion of the five masterclasses, you are eligible to receive 20 CPD hours from the Australian College of Nursing.

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