How to be a Good Spokesperson

The Leader’s Communications Tool Kit Series (Module)

Are you representing your organisation well? Are you looking to hone your spokesperson skills? This module sets the foundation of what a good spokesperson is, who they are, what they are expected to do and how to be confident in any situation for your organisation and personal brand.

This module seeks to empower nurses to be confident, engaging, connect with their audience and represent themselves and their organisation to the best of their ability.

This session is great for aspiring leaders who wish to extend their skills in this area.

In this module, you’ll hear from esteemed leader Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward, FACN and CEO of the Australian College of Nursing as she talks with Felicity Zadro, Founder and Managing Director, ZADRO about the skills needed to be a good spokesperson and where to start.

Learning outcomes include:

  1. Who is an appropriate choice for a spokesperson?
  2. How to talk to the media and what not to say
  3. How to manage media interviews
  4. Body language
  5. The dynamics of a press conference

Cost: $79 + GST, when purchased as an individual module

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

How to be a Good Spokesperson

How to be a Good Spokesperson