The Leader’s Communications Tool Kit Series

The Leader’s Communications Tool Kit Series will instill confidence in the nurse leader in the areas where they work. It covers public speaking and media relations, managing stakeholders and what to do in a crisis. Throughout this course, you’ll receive the tools and knowledge needed to take on the leader’s responsibility of internal and external communications.

Presented by Felicity Zadro, Founder and Managing Director of award-winning integrated communications agency, ZADRO, Felicity brings 20 years’ experience as a communications expert working with media, boards, stakeholders, management teams and brands, to this masterclass. A sought-after expert in her field, Felicity will guide attendees through the ways leaders can shine in different communication situations and share her advice.

This course adds capacity to an organisation by empowering nurse leaders to be confident to take on a role as an ‘external facing’ representative of their organisation.

Being able to speak well and with confidence in internal and public forums is a critical leadership skill, whether speaking to your teams, boards, peers, other medical professionals, committees, stakeholders or at industry conferences.

The Leader’s Communications Tool Kit Series combines six key modules:

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Communicating with Stakeholders
  3. Understanding the Media and When to use PR
  4. Communicating in a Crisis
  5. How to be a Good Spokesperson
  6. Bonus Content - Communication Trends

These modules provide rich, engaging and thought-provoking content; we know this will be a great investment of your time and resources.

Cost: Full course (6 modules) = $360 + GST OR each Module is = $79 + GST

Time limit: 12 months to complete the course

Total length of the course is approximately 2.5 hours.

This course does not count towards your continuing professional development requirements and you will not be awarded CPD hours, however it will empower your presence and leadership skills.

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The Leader's Communications Tool Kit Series