Defining your Style

Defining your Style Series (Module)

In this foundational module Robin Powis, Executive Stylist, looks at how to discover and project the best version of you, with a distinctive brand.

Setting the scene, this video will give you the tools on where to start, working with what you have already and why it’s important to find your style.

In this module, you’ll hear from esteemed leader Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward, FACN and CEO of the Australian College of Nursing as she talks with Robin about how to find your style and be confident.

Learning outcomes include:

  1. Making good first impressions
  2. Finding yourself in your wardrobe
  3. Dressing for success
  4. Understanding what a personal brand is
  5. How to differentiate yourself

Cost: $79 + GST, when purchased as an individual module

Duration: Approximately 20 minutes

Defining your Style
Defining your Style