How to Hold your Power

Defining your Style Series (Module)

Would you love to walk into a room like you own it, totally confident in who you are?

This module empowers health leaders to hold their power in any situation.

Whilst what you wear is only part of your overall brand, knowing how to dress with flair and confidence can be a challenge.

In this module Robin Powis, Executive Stylist, will share how success can come from within, why dressing for the job you want is important and the art of illusion. She will touch on how to recognise that when you have the courage to be visible and believe in yourself, you will authentically show up.

Learning outcomes include:

  1. Dressing for success
  2. The art of illusion
  3. The world of suits
  4. The power of colour
  5. Dressing for meetings and media

Cost: $79 + GST, when purchased as an individual module

Duration: Approximately 15 minutes

How to Hold your Power

How to Hold your Power