Customer Centricity

The Leader’s Mindset Series 2 (Module)

Being a customer-centric organisation is more than just offering customer service and putting the customer first. It also means designing products and services that meet customer needs and create a seamless experience across all service delivery.

Within this module, you will put Customer Centricity into practice and look within your sphere of influence, identifying customers through a broader lens. This perspective will give you an improved view of your customers and their journey. This will help identify new customers and add value to their lives.

Learning outcomes include:

  1. Developing a customer-centric approach
  2. Exploring the three forces acting on customer centricity
  3. Identifying and re-imagining 7 Customer-Centric Shifts
  4. Applying Lightning Strikes Theory
  5. Identifying and applying the 12-Step Customer-Centric Change Framework
  6. Reviewing The International Spine Centre Case Study

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

CPD: 4 CPD hours

Cost: $200 + GST, when purchased as an individual module (ACN Members receive 10% off)

Customer Centricity
Customer Centricity
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