Next Horizon Thinking

The Leader’s Mindset Series 2 (Module)

Next Horizon Thinking means looking to the future and reimagining value. It is also about managing chaos in an environment with increasing consumer demands while being prepared for opportunities.

Inspired by the work of Singularity University on Exponential Organisations and Platform Revolution, this module explores leadership and an organisation’s ability to see what is going on and respond in meaningful ways.

Learning outcomes include:

  1. Understand the language of strategy
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of data informed strategy
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of Strategic Radar
  4. Demonstrate understanding on how to leverage disruption

Duration: Approximately 8 hours

CPD: 8 CPD hours

Cost: $200 + GST, when purchased as an individual module (ACN Members receive 10% off)

Next Horizon Thinking
Next Horizon Thinking
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